General Insurance

General Insurance, also known as non-life insurance, comprises of a gamut of insurances that provide specific covers to the insured against specific forms of eventualities. Getting and comparing online quotes saves you time, efforts and money. Different i

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company – Best Health Insurance Company

The prestigious name known for its esteemed hospital services Apollo has joined hands with Munich Health, a global insurance brand, to create the most trusted and preferred health insurance brand in India – Apollo Munich Health Insurance. 

The Apollo health insurance has recently won the award Best Health Insurance Company of 2016 at the ABP News Healthcare Awards. 

This bears testimony to its strong brand power and superior health insurance products that strive to offer the best customer experience. The Apollo health insurance has created a big name for itself in the health insurance domain in India and continues to deliver a great line of products for all its customers. 

Features of Apollo Health Insurance 

  • Covers for Pre and Post Hospitalization with day care treatments coverage as well
  • Plans are life long renewable and involves no co-payment
  • No sub-limits on room rent
  • Pre-existing diseases coverage can be availed after a waiting period of 3 years
  • Cashless hospitalization at over 4000+ network hospitals across India
  • 10% no-claim bonus each claim-free year under the Apollo Munich Easy Health Insurance and fifty percent multiplier benefit each claim-free year under the Apollo Munich Optima Restore plans
  • No additional premium loading at renewals due to claims
  • Avail restore benefit for certain plans, once you exhaust your current sum insured amount
  • Select a suitable plan from a wide range of health insurance plans according to your requirements
  • Access to health risk assessment tool and exclusive health and wellness portal 

Why Should You Buy Apollo Health Insurance? 

  1. Flexible Sum Insured Options – Select desired sum insured amount starting from Rs.1 Lakh to over Rs. 15 Lakhs at affordable premium rates 
  1. Efficient Claim Process – Over 95% of claims are settled within 15 days from the point of intimation of claim, with cashless authorizations approved within 2 hours of intimation 
  1. Positive Customer Reviews – Over 85% of customers respond positively when asked for a feedback. Close to 80% of Apollo health insurance customers renew their policies each year 
  1. Portability – Customer friendly health insurance policies, allow you to transfer accrued benefits from one health plan to another 
  1. Earn up to 100% no-claim bonus – Increase your sum insured amount by 50% each claim-free year and double the sum insured amount if you have no claims for two consecutive years 
  1. Tax Benefit - Avail tax exemption under Section 80D for all your Apollo health insurance policy premium paid for the year 

Apollo Health Insurance –  Types of Plans 

  1. Apollo Health Insurance Easy Health Standard, Easy Health Exclusive and Easy Health Premium 

Entry Age

Maximum Age

Sum Insured

Policy Term

5 Years (dependent child coverage from 91st day, if parents are insured

65 years

1,00,000 – 50,00,000

1 or 2 years

 Benefits of Apollo Health Insurance Easy Standard

  • Pre and Post hospitalization, day care treatments, domiciliary expenses, ambulance expenses,  Ayush benefit coverage
  • Avail free preventive health checkup at the end of 4 consecutive claim-free policy years
  • Opt for additional rider of critical illness cover 

Benefits of Apollo health insurance – Easy Health Exclusive

  • Complete coverage with no sublimits on room rent and co-payments
  • Maternity benefits can be availed
  • High sum insured options 

Benefits of Apollo health insurance – Easy Health Premium 

  • Complete hospitalization coverage with no sublimits or copays
  • Dental, optical and maternity benefits can be availed
  • Opt for e-opinion with respect to critical illness diagnosis from the panel of Apollo health insurance physicians 
  1. Apollo Health Insurance – Optima Restore 

Entry Age

Maximum Age

Sum Insured

Policy Term

5 Years (dependent child coverage from 4th month, if parents are insured

65 years

3,00,000 – 50,00,000

1 or 2 years


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Benefits of Apollo health insurance – Optima Restore 

  • Automatic restoration of the basic sum insured amount in case you have exhausted your full sum insured amount during the coarse of your policy year
  • No-claim bonus – Multiply your sum insured amount by 50% for each claim-free year 
  1. Apollo Health Insurance – Optima Vital 

Entry Age

Maximum Age

Sum Insured

Policy Term

18 years

65 years

1,00,000 – 50,00,000

1 or 2 years


Benefits of Apollo health insurance – Optima Vital 

  • Top-up health insurance plan that pays out a lump sum amount in case of identified critical illness as stipulated in the list of covered critical illnesses, surgical procedures or events 

Above are the popular health plans of Apollo health insurance. Select the best health plan that matches your requirements and stay protected.

Reliance General Insurance Reviews

Buying an insurance policy is very hectic. And when it comes to buying a general insurance policy, you become more confused. With all the general insurance companies everywhere, it is only natural.

In this article, I am going to walk you through Reliance General Insurance and let you know the major things you need to know before purchasing a general insurance policy.


What Is A General Insurance Policy?

Well, a general insurance policy is anything which does not qualify under life insurance policy. Car insurances, home insurances, travel insurances, health insurances, etc fall under the category of general insurance policy.

Reliance General Insurance Policy – Overview

Reliance General Insurance is a huge company with a lot of general insurance policies under its wing. This company has been known for its quality service and products. The various general insurance products under Reliance General Insurance are as under:

• Reliance Health Insurance Plans
• Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Plans
• Reliance Car Insurance Plans
• Reliance Travel Insurance Plans
• Reliance Home Insurance Plans
• Reliance Personal Accident Insurance

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Reliance Health Insurance Plans – Review 

Under the health insurance plans, Reliance General Insurance has a lot of plans which are bound to fit the various health necessities of the customers. The various insurance policies under Reliance health insurance are explained as below:

• Reliance HealthWise Insurance: This insurance plan under Reliance General Insurance is made to cover the charges of hospitalization and other such costs for you and your family. The family can include only your spouse and two children. This plan can be purchased online and also covers the cost of home and day care treatments.

• Reliance HealthGain Insurance: This policy is one which will suit every person seeking medical insurance. This covers the cost for any unforeseen problem you might face at the time of the treatment. An individual policy will cover your family and extended family too.

• Reliance Critical Illness Insurance: This policy comes with a lifelong renewability and is applicable for people within the age of 18-65 years. This policy under Reliance General Insurance protects you from critical illnesses that the policy specifies.

An Overview of Reliance Two Wheeler Insurance Plans

Reliance General Insurance provides you with the option of a two wheeler insurance policy. This policy ensures trouble free financial protection for your two wheeler. You get to protect your vehicle from theft, damage and third party liability.

However, your two wheeler is not protected financially against any kind of damage done to it due to driving under alcoholic influence or driving without a proper license document.

Car Insurance Policy of Reliance

Car insurance policies are also offered under the umbrella of Reliance General Insurance. These policies help you protect your car financially from damage, theft and third party liabilities. Since a car is very important these days and pretty much everyone owns one, it is very important to purchase a car insurance policy.

Reliance Travel Insurance Policies

Reliance General Insurance also has travel insurance policies under the general insurance policy. The various travel insurance policies offered by Reliance General Insurance are as under:

• Reliance Travel Care Insurance Policy: This policy will take care of you in case of emergencies while you travel abroad. It financially secures you against loss of baggage, lost passport, trips that are delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.This policy covers the emergency medical expenses of you and your family members.

• Reliance Student Travel Insurance: This policy by Reliance General Insurance covers the medical and financial emergencies of students pursuing their academic careers outside their home country.

• Reliance Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: This policy provides medical and financial assistance to senior citizens between 61 to 80 years of age who are travelling overseas. Under this policy you get cash free hospitalization on a global scale.

Reliance Home Insurance Policy – Overview

With this policy offered by Reliance General Insurance, you get to protect your home against unforeseen events such as burglary, theft etc. Reliance Householders’ Packaged Policy is one of the home insurance policies by Reliance which protects all your belongings within the insured house.

This policy safeguards not only your home, but also your family from natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, fire etc.

Are You Confused And Unable To Decide Which Insurance To Choose While Buying A Car?

In today’s world, owning a car has become a necessity. Going to office, shopping, hospital, school or for any other purpose, one does need a car. However, the fact that people have so less knowledge about a proper insurance policy is what is holding people back from buying a car. People have the fear of cheating and duping.


What Is Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Is All About

Everyone is concerned about the protection against financial loss and legal issues relating to their precious cars. The Bajaj Allianz car insurance provides policy packages which guarantees protection against physical damage, injury/death, while also covering third-party liability. This ensures the customers a safe, peaceful, and hassle-free ownership of a car of their choice. The Bajaj Alliance Car Insurance provides services of advanced claims servicing capability and fast settlement record for the vehicles.

With the addition of the latest technology and service DriveSmart, the customers can choose to opt for and exclusive device, which once installed in the car, would record information about ones driving habits. It would monitor the car health, distance and speed. This service also provides the facility of geo-fencing of the car. These facilities keep the security and safety of the consumers at the foremost.

Why Choose Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Over Hdfc Ergo Car Insurance




Add-on covers



Network of garages



Towing facility



 The Bajaj Allianz car insurance provides you a 24x7 call-centre service that will help you avail their service and telephonic help regarding queries and car insurance claim support or similar assistance even during holidays. The best thing about this car insurance is that it itself guides one to choose a proper garage for the best experience. This ensure a completely hassle-free inspection and at the same time keeps a check, that one experiences high standards of services.

Things That Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Cover

The following are the coverages of the car insurance policy-

  • It covers the losses and damages caused to the car owing to natural calamities. Such calamities would include fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, hailstorm, landslides, etc.
  • It also covers losses and damages to the car against any kind of calamities caused by man. This would include burglary, riot, terrorist activities, rail, etc.
  • Most importantly, it covers personal accidents as well. The Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance has a coverage amounting to ₨ 2lakh.
  • Last, but not the least, the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance also provides protection against legal liability caused due to accidental damages impacted on the neighbour property which could have possibly resulted in injury or even death.

The Insurance Policy, However, Excludes Certain Things

The following aspects are, however excluded from the scope of the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy. They are-

  • The usual wear and tear of the vehicle is excluded from the policy coverages.
  • The policy even includes any consequential loss and depreciation.
  • Even any usual mechanical or electrical snags are excluded
  • The situation of any harm to a person with an invalid licence is also excluded
  • Even damages caused to the vehicle or person owing to a case of driving under the influence of alcohol is excluded

The Available Plans





Basic third party liability




Premium cost




Driver cover




Depreciation shield




Save premium




Roadside assistance






The following are the required documents and papers that one might require while filing for a claim-

  • A carefully filled out claim form, signed by the insured person
  • Appropriate proofs of the insurance policy
  • Tax receipts and the registration books
  • Duly filed FIR copies and all sets of keys and warranty cards(in case of theft)
  • Repairing bills and payment receipts
  • Letter of subrogation(in case of theft)
  • Blank and undated “vakalatnama” (in cases of theft), etc.

The Claim Procedure

The following is the summary of the process to claim under Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy-

  • In order to register the claim, both telephonic and online mediums can be utilised. Appropriate information should be provided with, accordingly. Once registered, the customer would be redirected to a Claim Reference Number. Updates would be given accordingly via SMSs
  • Eventually, the car would be taken to a garage and proper investigations and filing of reports must be carried out.
  • With the submission of the documents properly and completion of repair at preferred garage, the payment would be made.

 Thus, from such and elaborate discussion about the Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance, it seems one of the most viable and favourable car insurance policy. With the guarantee and usage of latest technology by the policy, one cannot really deny this policy being a good one. This is exactly what every customer has to say about this policy.

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IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company - Policy Reviews, Premium

So today we are going to have a conversation on General Insurance and one of the best companies you can blindly trust.

Sounds good, first tell me what exactly do you mean by General Insurance? 

For those of you who may not know the meaning of General Insurance, no worries. Let’s understand it here, clearly and easily.

Simply put, General Insurance refers to any insurance which is not a typical “Life insurance”. So they help cover individuals in case of damage to anything other than their life. For example, you will surely insure your beautiful new car or house. Or you may want to safeguard yourself and your family from any unexpected situation or emergency when travelling abroad. These are various types of General Insurance.


OK, clear. Now tell me which is a good General Insurance company!

Well, we are sure you know that you will be spoiled for choice. There are many players currently in the General Insurance sector. While we are confident you will find one which works out well for you, we will help you choose. So in this article, we will look at Iffco Tokio General Insurance plans. You just might find the best one for your needs!

Oh really? So why do you recommend Iffco Tokio?

We recommend Iffco Tokio General Insurance Company because it is one of the very top players in India. It is considered to be a very fine institution to place your trust in. IFFCO is Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited. It is famous for being the largest fertiliser cooperative in the world. It joined hands with Nichido Fire Group and Tokio Marine to become Iffco Tokio Limited. These companies are very highly regarded in Japan as trustworthy insurers.

That’s interesting. So now I want to know more.

We knew you would say that. Let’s take a look now at what Iffco Tokio can offer you.


Individual Health Protector

Individual Medishield

Swasthya Kavach

Critical Illness

Family Health Protector

Personal Accidental Insurance

Critical Illness cover

Health Protector Plus


Two wheeler plan

Car insurance


Home Suvidha

Home Family Protector

                 TRAVEL INSURANCE


Wow, that’s a lot of policies. Can you elaborate them?

Of course, we will. We will look at the main features of each. 


There is a reason why we mentioned health insurance at the top of the list. There is no substitute for good health. But at some time or the other, we all may need to undergo medical treatment. Health Insurance plans take the financial burden off us so that we can focus completely on our health or that of our loved ones.

The Family Health Protector policy covers both you and your family against most medical expenses. The best part is it extends to a large range of relatives and not just your very immediate family. In most cases, you may not even need to shell out a single penny thanks to their cashless hospital network.

As the name suggests, the Individual Health Protector is similar to the above and covers an Individual’s healthcare expenses.

Individual Medishield takes care of you or your family members in the case of a sudden accident or medical emergency. This policy will take care of nurse/doctor fees, surgery costs, tests, blood, anaesthesia, prosthetics, etc. They will also settle pre- and post-hospital stay expenses for 2 months on either side.

Health policies sometimes exclude severe illnesses. Now, this is a double whammy as severe illnesses have “severe” costs too! The Critical Illness policy alleviates suffering from such diseases by covering them at nominal premiums. Strokes, transplants of prominent organs, kidney failure and high spectrum heart issues can now be insured against.

The Personal Accidental Insurance covers you and your family in case of untimely death or any type of disability/paralysis. It even covers education of the Insured’s children to ensure their future is secured. You just need to be employed in a safe job where the risk to life and limb is low and not expected. 


Be it a car or a two-wheeler; it is essential to own a vehicle to get around conveniently. But the sad truth is that India’s roads still have a long way to go to become safe for all motorists. Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Car Insurance and Two-Wheeler insurance have you covered.

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These policies cover:

Any sort of damage or loss due to natural calamities like storms, floods, earthquakes and other acts of Mother Nature.

Human-created situations like theft, accidents or deliberate destruction of the vehicle or two-wheeler.

Personal cover in case of an accident. They cover up to Rs. 1 lakh for two-wheelers and up to Rs. 2 lakh for car owners.

Any legal liability where damage is caused to a third party individual or property.

Important benefits of these policies include:

Incentives for zero settlements, sometimes going as high as 50% discount.

Trouble-free zero cash claim settlements via their network of service centres.


The Home Suvidha Policy and Home Family Protector Policy help assuage the risks associated with any loss or damages to your home. They cover various situations like burglary, fires, mob and riot damage, floods, earthquakes, etc. You can also insure valuable assets and items like expensive electronics, precious jewellery and appliances.


We all travel at some point for business or pleasure. Travel Insurance is an absolute must so that no unforeseen problem mars our trips. Iffco Tokio offers extensive coverage, and they have all bases covered with their Travel Insurance plan. Depending on the premium you pay, you will be covered in the following circumstances around the world:

  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Funeral or transport of body remains costs
  • Missing checked luggage
  • Misplaced passport
  • Personal Accident or Liability


Every single policy boasts of a robust and easy process when it comes to settling a claim. For example, the Iffco Tokio car insurance claim form is available in a very prominent place on their website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring today if you have not already insured yourself!

Review Of Public Sector Health Insurance Policies

To be prepared is to stay ahead of any surprises lurking in the near or distant future.

Why take a chance when it comes to your health. In a pickle regarding which is the best

plan for you? Oriental Insurance Mediclaim offers a wide variety of options for different

needs. It has a plethora of options for its policyholders. 



The public sector medical insurance providers offer a cost advantage over private

health insurers. 

If you opt for a health plan from a public sector insurance company, you end up paying less for the health cover, even though you get similar benefits offered by a private sector insurance provider. 

New India assurance is a global insurance provider. The plans offered by them are New India Top-Up, Floater, and Asha kiran, Mediclaim 2012, Pravasi Bhartiya Bima Yojana, Senior Citizen plan, and an Overseas and Personal Accident policy. 

National Insurance is the oldest insurance company in India. It provides National Parivar, Parivar, and National Mediclaim Plans. In addition to these, it also offers Overseas Mediclaim Business & Holiday Plans, National Parivar Plus and National Mediclaim Plus Plans. 

The escalating networks of United Insurance company offers the following plans-

Family Medicare; Gold, Platinum, Senior Citizen, Top-up, and Super top-up, UNI Criticare, Personal Accident Policy, and an Individual Mediclaim Policy. 

Oriental Health Insurance Company is one of the prominent health care providers amongst insurance providers in the public sector. 

The diverse plans accessible to the public include Oriental Individual, Oriental Happy family Floater, and Oriental Overseas Mediclaim. 

Special mediclaim plans offered by the Oriental Insurance are Jan Arogya Plan, Health of Privileged Elders Plan, and Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana plan. 

In the case of corporate setup or a bank account holder, they offer Oriental Bank Mediclaim, PNB Oriental Royal and Thana Janata Sahakari Bank Mediplus Plan. 

The comprehensive features of one such beneficial plan by the Oriental Insurance is the Individual Mediclaim Policy. The Oriental insurance mediclaim reviews highlights the features of this plan as: 

Minimum Entry Age

Maximum Entry Age

Minimum Premium

Minimum Sum Assured

18 years

65 years




 Wondering why to get yourself into the Individual Mediclaim Policy 

In keeping with the digital banking system, it offers the cashless facility. There will be no

need to get into the hassles of cash transactions when you opt for this health plan.

Subject to the upper age limit (80yrs) they offer lifelong renewability. Oriental Insurance

is associated with a large network of hospitals as well.

Features & Benefits 

In a predicament over the health insurance policies? The individual mediclaim policy is

here to help you out. 

The features of this incredible plan include: 

  • Coverage for expenses incurred because of accident, sudden illness, or disease.
  • Allowed for individuals from as early as 3 months of age up to 80yrs.
  • The range of the sum insured is from Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.50,00,000
  • Cover for pre-existing diseases after 4 th year, conditioned to the fact that the plan

has continued without any break.

  • Cashless option for ailments in any of the network hospitals.
  • You earn a 10% family discount on the total premium.
  • Income tax rebate can be claimed under section 80D of the I-Tax Act.
  • Does not require prior approval of medical check up, if the person is aged below

45 yrs. 


This plan covers ages as young as 3 months old up to the ripe age of 80 yrs. 


Hospitalization Expenses - Any hospitalization for more than a day because of

surgery, accident, or illness. 

Pre as well as Post Hospitalization Expenses - Charges incurred 30 days before

hospitalization and 60 days after discharge are covered. 

Day Care Charges - Any day care treatment that does not require admission to the


Ambulance Charges - It is calculated as 1 percent of the assured sum, capped at Rs.


Expenses for Organ Donor- This is provided in cases of organ transplantation. 

Dental Treatment - If necessitated because of an accident. 

Domiciliary Treatment - Cost incurred for treatment that requires hospitalization but is

being taken care of at one’s home for over 3 days. 

Ayush Expenses - Treatment undertaken at government hospitals or medical colleges

under Homeopathy, SIddha, Unani, and Ayurveda. 

Pre-existing Illnesses - They are covered only after 4 continuous years of policy term.

That means that the policy was regularly renewed without any break. 

Medical Check-up Benefit - This benefit can be claimed after 4 continuous claim-free

years, for a maximum of 1% of the assured sum. 


Any pre-existing disease, for up to 4 years. 

All medical ailments, for the initial 30 days after taking the policy. The only exception is in the case of an injury sustained because of an accident. 

Any expenses related to childbirth or pregnancy. 

Treatment of mental or psychiatric disorders. 

Any expenses related to the treatment of bronchitis and asthma, sinusitis, fistula, piles,

hernia, hysterectomy, fibromyoma, menorrhagia, cataract, and BPH. 

Documents Required

No need to bother with endless documentation works. All one needs to submit for

applying for the individual mediclaim policy is the complete proposal form and enrolment

form in duplicate along with coloured stamp size photograph. 

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Claim Process

For you to be able to claim the benefits of the Oriental health plan, notice of the same

must be given to the company at the earliest. Mention the policy no., ID card no., name,

nature of the disease, and name & address of the hospital/ nursing home/ physician.

The time frame for submission of the same is 48hrs prior to the admission in the


In the case of cashless access services, the claim will be processed either through the

company or the TPA. The hospital chosen for the treatment should be among those included in the network of hospitals covered by the policy. 

In case reliable and relevant information are not submitted, the claim is subject to

denial. In such cases, it should not be interpreted as the denial of liability. 

The cashless facility can be drawn out if any information submitted to the company or

TPA is doubtful. If this question arises then, it warrants further enquiry. Hence the

cashless facility will be withheld. Further processing of the claim will depend on the

results of the enquiry.

Customer Satisfaction Reviews of Cigna Health Insurance

We all wish to live a healthy life. But our current living environment, internal as well as external, does not promote a disease-free existence. Rising price of healthcare is not making matters any easy either. 

But, more and more people are becoming health conscious these days. Investing in medical insurance for themselves and their family is just one method of being proactive about their health needs. 

Besides providing a financial cover for medical emergencies, it also gives tax benefits! 


Health policies by Cigna TKK Insurance are tailor made to suit your personal as well as your family’s requirements. 

They have been in the healthcare industry for the past 200 years, and their plans provide for you and your family comprehensively during medical emergencies. 


Their policies are divided into the following broad categories:

  • ProHealth Insurance,
  • Lifestyle Protection,
  • Global Group Health Insurance,
  • ProHealth Cash. 

Why Should You Buy Cigna ProHealth Insurance?

ProHealth Insurance offers wide-spread coverage under 4 different classifications. 

  1. Insurance Protect

It’s a comprehensive health plan that covers expenses incurred 60 days before, during, and 60 days after, hospitalization. 

This plan also includes domiciliary and day-care treatments. Pharmacy charges, per hospitalization ambulance charges of up to Rs.2,000, consultation, and an international emergency cover, are all part of the policy.





Sum Assured



Entry Age

91 days



  1. Insurance Plus

This policy is specially crafted to tackle complex health conditions. It also provides maternity benefits which include expenses for the newborn and vaccinations. 

There is also a discount of 10% on the premium if 2 or more family members are covered under the plan. 

Expenses incurred 60 days before and 180 days after the hospitalization and a maximum of Rs.3,000 as ambulance charges are included as well.





Sum Assured



Entry Age

91 days



  1. Insurance Preferred

This medical plan provides an international emergency cover for a maximum of Rs.1,000,000. 

Its other features include free medical check-up on every renewal, yearly benefits of Rs.15,000 for health maintenance, covers 100% ambulance charges, 60 days pre-hospitalization, and 180 days post-hospitalization expenses. 





Sum Assured



Entry Age

91 days



  1. Insurance Premier

This plan provides a massive cover of a maximum of Rs.1Cr and an international emergency cover of up to Rs.1,000,000! 

It covers pharmacy charges, maternity, newborn and their vaccination expenses, consultation charges, diagnostic tests, total ambulance charges, expenses incurred 60 days prior to and 180 days after hospitalization, and many such benefits.





Sum Assured



Entry Age

91 days



Why Should You Buy Cigna Lifestyle Protection Insurance?

This plan provides protection under two main categories; Critical Care, and Accident Care. 

  1. Critical Care Insurance

To secure you financially against your fight with a critical illness, this health policy option from Cigna TTK covers you from your initial diagnosis onwards. 

15 critical illnesses are covered under its Basic program, and 30 critical illnesses are part of its Enhanced program. 

The Critical Care plan lets you choose whether you would like a lump sum payment or would want to opt for a staggered payout of your claim. 

It does not cover ambulance or pre and post hospitalization expenses. 





Sum Assured

10 X Annual Income


Entry Age

18 years

65 years


  1. Accident Care Insurance

This plan of Cigna Health covers you and your family in the event of death, disability, or loss of a job because of the accident. 

This health plan is designed to take care of the orphaned child by providing it with other benefits along with an education fund! 

It offers several cover options that provide for you, your spouse, your dependent parents and in-laws. 

Dependent children and dependent siblings are included till they reach 25 years. 





Sum Assured



Entry Age

Children: 5 years

Adults: 18 years

Children: 25 years

Adult: 80 years


 Why Should You Buy Cigna Global Group Health Insurance?

This medical policy is designed to protect a frequent international traveller against any untoward medical emergency abroad. 

They have two options; Ruby and Diamond. These plans provide more than a million medical services internationally for Indians travelling for work or working abroad, and their dependents. 

Under these plans, a patient is covered irrespective of his duration of treatment. It could be day-care, outpatient, or inpatient requirements. 

Unlike other health plans out there, Cigna Health’s International Group Cover provides for HIV/AIDS as well. 

It also gives an emergency cover for being ‘Out Of Area’ and evacuation! 

Why Should You Buy Cigna ProHealth Cash?

This plan from Cigna provides you with an extra daily hospital cash advantage. And this is beyond your existing cash benefit provided by your health cover. 

The limit for daily extra cash advantage is set at Rs.5,000. 

This health policy allows you to opt for the type of cover you want from their Basic and Enhanced options. 

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Cigna Health Insurance reviews state that Cigna TTK provides comprehensive coverage for all kind of medical emergencies local as well as abroad. 

It has a wide network of doctors, a simple claim process, customer portal where you can manage your health routine as well as seek information about a doctor or medicines, and check for claims, etc., wellness programs, facilitates in home-care and home-delivery of medicines, health savings account, and more. 

The only limitation is that as of now it has a presence in only 12 Indian states and does not have short-term cover plans.

The L&T Insurance Review Giving You A Complete List Of All Its Features And Benefits

This is a L&T Insurance review that will give you even the smallest of detail that you should be knowing about the general policy for your better understanding.

By reading various articles online about a particular policy, you might get confused. Thus we have put down this L&T General Insurance Review where you would get a clear and precise idea of what to expect from this policy.

The L&T general health insurance is different from the other general insurances that can be found in the market. It includes cover of aspects which are not covered by other policies and that is what makes this particular policy a lot more special.


But before giving you a more in depth explanation of the policy, we are putting before you a little overview that should help you get a basic Idea about the policy as a whole.






18 years

65 years


Depends on the plan that is taken



Depends on the plan that has been taken



1 year

1 years (renewable)


Why to buy L&T General insurance policy?

In today's time, where diseases are spreading everywhere and everyday there is a new disease coming up that spread across like wildfire. In such a situation where all of us are living such hectic lives and rarely pay attention to our health, buying a health insurance is a must for all of us. Talking about the L&T General insurance, it is one of the best policy in the market with regards to the covers that it provides to its buyers at very minimal prices which is really appreciable.

Features and benefits

Here are a few reasons why L&T General insurance should be your go to option when looking for a health insurance,

  • It covers not just you, but if you opt for the option, you can actually insure your entire family under your policy.
  • It starts to co-pay the individual once the individual crosses the age of 80 which is big plus.
  • It allows you to get your pre existing disease covered after a prescribed period of time.
  • It is renewable for a lifetime and can also be renewed online which is something that comes in handy for people who are extremely busy.


The eligibility criteria is rather basic

  • the person must be an adult and in case of minors, one of the parents must be a policy holder
  • The person must be fit until the time prescribed by the company and in case of existing disease, the surveillance time must be taken.
  • You must be able to show a particular amounts availability in your bank to give the bank an insurance.


  • The policy includes expenses incurred even before hospitalization for up to 30 days.
  • It provides free checkups to the policy holder after 4 years of not making any claim.
  • The also include post hospitalization cost of up till 60 days which is something really noteworthy.


  • the company does not cover any expenses caused through any HIV related disease or through AIDS.
  • It does not cover any expense that is made my the individual in need of any cosmetic enhancement it comfort related changes.

Claim process

The claim process is very hassle free. The L&T Insurance review online says that most people have had a great experience with this policy and have more or less been extremely satisfied. The customer support of the company has also be highlighted by the customers of the company.

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Documents required

Few of the documents that you may required while buying the policy include,

  • Identity proof like drivers license or aadhar card.
  • An age proof which could be anything like your birth certificate or passport.
  • An address proof which may include your ration card.
  • A medical certificate in case the official may require it. 

This L&T Insurance review has given all the details that you need to know about the policy. However, the policymakers also have an online portal for their customers which you can check out.