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General Insurance, also known as non-life insurance, comprises of a gamut of insurances that provide specific covers to the insured against specific forms of eventualities. Getting and comparing online quotes saves you time, efforts and money. Different i

Going to take Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Check Reviews

Car insurance policy is not just important, but also mandatory to protect you from unforeseen incidents, financial loss, and legal issues. Bajaj Allianz car insurance is a robust insurance policy that comes to your rescue at the right time. Protect your most prized asset.



To select the best coverage for your care, check the Bajaj Allianz car insurance review and customer testimonials.


A joint venture between Bajaj FinServ and Allianz SE, Bajaj Allianz is a premier insurance provider with world-class products and services. While it is mandatory to hold insurance for car in India to protect against legal liability, extra additions can be added by the customer to widen the scope of coverage and relieve your burden.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Plans

Plan Type

Rate of Premium

Coverage Level

Third Party Liability Cover

Personal Accident Cover


Flexible Plan




Included for owner/drive. Optional for Co-Passenger

Maximum Coverage with Engine Protection and Depreciation Shield Included

Standard Plan




Included for owner/drive. Optional for Co-Passenger

Enhanced Coverage with valuable features

Best Value Plan




Included for owner/drive. Optional for Co-Passenger

Standard Coverage includes - 24/7 roadside assistance


Why Choose Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance? 

The hallmarks of any good insurance company are associated with positive customer reviews, utility features, and benefits offered with responsive customer service. Bajaj, motor insurance offers all this and more:

  • Cashless settlements can be availed at 4000 plus network garages. If cashless facility unavailable, Bajaj Allianz takes up 75% on account payment
  • Comprehensive coverage with third party liability and own damage liability under the same plan
  • Optimistic Bajaj Allianz car insurance reviews and customer testimonials
  • Increase the scope of your coverage with add-on covers provided by Bajaj Allianz car insurance
  • Customize your car insurance policy according to your requirements. A wide range of insurance policies at all price points available for your selection
  • Buy and renew your insurance policy online
  • Hassle-free and quick claim settlement process with excellent and around the clock customer service
  • 24/7 roadside assistance comes with all Bajaj Allianz car insurance plans
  • Transfer your no-claim bonus from previous providers to Bajaj Allianz, in case switching from one company to Bajaj motor insurance

Features and Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

  • Get a vehicle tracking and monitoring device by availing Drive Smart Service
  • Any loss or damage that occurs because of natural and man-made calamities is covered by Bajaj motor insurance
  • Personal accident coverage for the owner or driver is available under all plan. If you want to cover the co-passengers, pay an extra amount of premium and get the coverage for the same
  • Covers for legal liability arising out of any accidents or damage to third person/ property
  • Voluntary deductible amount can be chosen to be paid by the customer if they want to lower the cost of total premium
  • Lock and key replacement cover offered for all new and existing customers
  • Towing facility and 24/7 spot assistance provided in case of breakdowns or accidents
  • SMS updates provided for easy and smooth claim settlement process

 Claims Process

In the event of any mishap including accident or theft, get in touch with the 24/7 customer service department of Bajaj Allianz car insurance. In case the car is stolen, register a FIR with the nearest police station and raise the claim. In the case of accidents, head to a network garage for cashless claim service. Else pay the bill upfront and apply for reimbursement.

After you initiate a claim, you will receive a claim reference number and regular SMS notifications to keep you informed on the status of your claim.

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Bajaj Allianz car insurance policy is your savior at times of need and helps you stay protected on the road. Secure your car and yourself, with the most trusted insurance provider of Bajaj Allianz.

The New India Assurance Advantage

The New India Assurance Company Ltd. is today India’s premium leading multinational company that offers General Insurance products. Originally it was part of TATA Empire but was nationalized in 1973.


An Overview: New India Assurance Reviews

The New India Assurance Company Ltd offers a comprehensive coverage of all general insurance needs; these have been categorized as:






Personal Insurance

  • New India Floater Mediclaim Policy
  • Householder’s Policy
  • Group Mediclaim Policy
  • Griha Suvidha Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy


Commercial Insurance

  • Shopkeeper’s Policy
  • Jewelers Policy Block
  • Indemnity Bankers Policy
  • Cargo Marine Policy


Industrial Insurance

  • Burglary Policy
  • Fire Policy
  • Breakdown of Machinery Policy
  • Equipment Electronics Policy

Liability Insurance

  • Liability Public Policy
  • Liability Products Policy
  • Indemnity Professional Policy
  • Officers and Directors Liability Policy

Social Insurance

  • Universal Health Insurance Scheme for APL families
  • Jan Arogya Bima Policy
  • Janata Personal Accident Insurance
  • Swavlamban

Besides the above, The New India Assurance Company keeps introducing new products and measures like, like women-centric products, tie-ups with Mahila Banks, cattle insurance products, etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive coverage of all general insurance needs.
  • Excellent ratings and good reputation.
  • Nationalized and owned by the Government of India.
  • Started operations in 1919.
  • Attractive accruals and benefits.


All Indian nationals are eligible. You can apply for insurance in any of the available categories, as per your requirement if you are not a minor. In case of minors guardianship details needs to be furnished.


For any particular insurance product you need to fill up the form which will include details like personal details, sum insured, insurance premium, terms and conditions etc. Generally people like to fill up forms under the assistance of registered agents.

Alternatively they can also visit The New India Assurance website and follow the guidelines.

Claims Process and unclaimed Benefits

Should any event befall you against which you have taken insurance from The New India Assurance Company, then just call their helpline and fill up the required forms. For filling up the forms you can also seek assistance from the company personnel. The Company will verify your claims and upon being satisfied regarding their verity, the claim amount will be disbursed to you.

Under the insurance plans available with The New India Assurance Company Ltd. you are entitled to receive unclaimed fund (benefits, accruals, interest along with principal) o expiry of the contract or upon death, whichever is earlier. Upon death, the nominated kin of the insurer can claim the fund.

Documents Required

The general documents required are as follows:

  • ID Proof - driving license, passport, ADHAAR card, etc.
  • Address Proof - passport, rent agreement, telephone bills, bank statements, etc.
  • Age Proof - passport, birth certificate, class X certificate.

 In addition to the above other specific documents may be required depending upon the category and product.

Inclusions/ Exclusions

Each categorical product details provides details regarding inclusions/ exclusions for example if you have taken Money Insurance, then inclusions include: risk of infidelity of the employees, terrorism and disbursement risk; and exclusions include: Shortage due to error or omission, Losses due to the fraud/dishonesty of the employee of the insured, Losses which are covered by other policies 


Being insured provides a peace of mind and financial support during calamity or crisis. With The New India Assurance Company Ltd., being a Government of India undertaking and having long standing years of experience and credibility, you can put your complete trust in it and put your mind to rest and attend to your duties unhindered by pricking worries.

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Economic Health Plans From Royal Sundaram

In today’s day and age with changing lifestyles and new ailments getting discovered so frequently, getting a health insurance is becoming a necessity for you and your family’s health. 



Though Royal Sundaram has a buffet of general insurance policies on offer, its health insurance policies win hands down in both benefits and being cost effective. 

The Lifeline health insurance plan is tabulated below:

(all figures are in IN₹)




Sum Assured

Minimum 2L; Maximum 4L

Minimum 5L; Maximum 50L

Minimum 25L; Maximum 1.5Cr

Entry Age

Minimum 91 days;

Maximum - 21 years for dependent children, otherwise - no limit.

Minimum 91 days;

Maximum - 21 years for dependent children, otherwise - no limit.

Minimum 91 days;

Maximum - 21 years for dependent children, otherwise - no limit.

Policy Term

1 - 3 years

1 - 3 years

1 - 3 years

No Claim Bonus

Minimum 10% of Sum Insured;

Maximum 50%

Minimum 20% of Sum Insured; Maximum 100%

Minimum 20% of Sum Insured; Maximum 100%


 Why to Buy Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance Plans

It is a holistic indemnity plan that covers the need for a health insurance for the entire family. 

Features and Benefits

Sum insured can be 100% reloaded at no extra cost. 

There is no cap on room rent neither is there a limit because of specific diseases. 

Your sum assured can be doubled in 5 years conditioned to the fact that you remain claim free the entire time with No Claim Bonus. 

Animal bite vaccinations and Ayush treatments are covered as well. 

The maximum coverage offered to Lifeline health plan holders is ₹1.5Cr. All the day care procedures are covered by the health plan by Royal Sundaram. Several more benefits are added under Preventive Healthcare and Wellness. 

There is Zonal pricing on premiums. Besides the sum assured and age that decides the amount of premium paid, it also depends on the region of residence. Except for people living in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Gujarat, and Hyderabad, there is a discount of 15% on premium payments.

Cashless hospitalization facility with more than 3000 partner hospitals. 


A person above 18 years can be the proposer of the Royal Sundaram health policy. 

Dependent kids between the ages of 91 days till 25 years are covered. 

There is no maximum age limit on entry, and a maximum of 6 family members can be part of the policy. 


  • Inpatient care, pre and post hospitalization expenses, all day care procedures, ambulance cover, and organ donor expenses are included in the health insurance cover by Royal Sundaram.
  • Domiciliary and worldwide emergency hospitalization, an international treatment facility for 11 critical illnesses.
  • Maternity benefits cover maximum two deliveries and vaccinations for the new baby for the 1st year.
  • OPD, the second opinion in the cases of 11 critical cases, and health check-ups.
  • Hospital cash allowance for maximum 30 days conditioned on the fact that the hospitalization is for more than two
  • Ambulance charges capped at ₹3,000. 


Pre-existing medical conditions are not included until four years of uninterrupted and no claim continuation of the Royal Sundaram health policy. 

In case the insured falls sick with 30 days of the start of the Royal Sundaram Lifeline health plan. 

Royal Sundaram health insurance does not cover several medical conditions only for the first two years of the policy and quite a few that are not at all entertained. 

Documents Required

ID proof, address proof, age proof, and medical or treatment details of the family members, and pan card details are needed for the Royal Sundaram health insurance cover. 

Claims Process

A second opinion and international treatment for the 11 critical illnesses, emergency domestic evacuation, and worldwide emergency hospitalization is handled by the Royal Sundaram service partner Europ Assistance India Pvt Ltd. 

For claim intimation, contact Royal Sundaram through email or toll-free number 48 hours before a planned hospitalization, and within 24 hours of an emergency hospitalization. 

Please provide the following details:

  • Patient’s name
  • Diagnosis
  • Details of the hospital and the attending doctor
  • Date of hospitalization and expected discharge. 

On careful analysis of the Royal Sundaram health insurance reviews, we find Royal Sundaram Health Insurance to be high on benefits and low on costs. 

The health policy includes several unique covers like vaccinations for animal bites, worldwide hospitalization, and much such more. 

The premiums are low and calculated after taking several factors into consideration.

The Family Floater Policy that Will More than Keep Your Family Afloat From Oriental Insurance

Oriental covers you on every ground. A comprehensive set of health insurance and life insurance plans are designed for the full family, or even for whole groups like companies.

An Overview
A look at the Family Floater plan will show you exactly how well Oriental Insurance understands your needs. They have three plans in place, silver, gold and diamond.





Entry Age

3 months

65, up to 70 years in some cases


Rs.1,320 to Rs.10,400 for silver plan; Each family member: Rs.240 to Rs.7,970; Add-On Cover available: Personal Accident: Rs.60 to Rs.300.


Sum Assured

₹1 lakh for silver plan, ₹6 lakh for gold plan

₹5 lakh for silver plan, ₹10 lakh for gold plan

Policy Term



Renewable till Age




Why Should I Buy The Oriental Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

The great thing about the gamily floater health insurance plan is, that just like Oriental Insurance's other plans like the Oriental Mediclaim Policy or the Oriental Car Insurance policy it is designed with a complete knowledge of the client base.
Despite the small list of exclusions, you are guaranteed safety for a long, long time.


Features and Benefits

The main features of the plan are:
• The proposer's family is covered up to 7 family members with a maximum of 4 adults.
• 10% discount in premium for every family member
• Each person gets coverage for medical expenses beginning 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after hospitalization for medical expenses that are relevant.
• Every block of 4 claim free continuous years gets you a free health check up courtesy of Oriental Insurance!

• The entry age is from 5 years to 60 years and up to 70 years for some exceptional cases.
• However, children from 3 months onwards will be covered if one or both parents are covered under the plan.
• A pre-insurance medical checkup is required for persons above 60 years. 55 years for the gold plan

The silver plan and gold plan have many features in common, but the gold plan can give you additional assurances and fewer worries.
Common features:
• Covered are ICU charges up to 2% of the sum assured per day of hospitalization.
• Room charges are covered, along with nurses' expenses up to 1% of the sum assured per day of hospitalization.
• There are numerous extras that will be covered including blood, oxygen, anesthesia, doctors' charges, pacemakers, and dialysis and so much more including prosthetic limbs, up to sum assured.
• For treatment after exposure to rabid animal bites, coverage can be up to Rs.5,000 for immunization.
• Domiciliary Treatment: 10% of sum assured with an overall limit of Rs.25,000. For the gold plan, the limit is raised to twice the amount, up to Rs. 50,000
• Coverage of all pre-existing diseases is subject to a four year waiting period.
• Ambulance cost of Rs.1,000 for each illness for the silver plan, with a general cap of Rs.3,000 or 1% of sum guaranteed, whichever is lesser.
• For the gold plan: ambulance cost of Rs.2,000 per illness with a general limit of Rs. 6,000 or 1% of sum guaranteed, whichever is lesser.
• The gold plan also offers the extra assurance of an Attendant Allowance for hospitalization of children of three years to ten years to a maximum ten days: Coverage is Rs.500 for every day of the hospital stay, for each illness (general limit of fifteen days).
• Add-on Cover on paying an additional premium: Personal Accident cover for a sum assured up to Rs.5 lakhs or Rs. 10 lakhs for the gold plan, which can include dependents if needed. The gold plan also offers Life Hardship cover for survival benefits.

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While the exclusions can look daunting, they are very standard:
1. Coverage of pre-existing diseases will require a waiting period of 4 years with continuous renewal of policy
2. Initial waiting period of 30 days. During this period no claims will be admitted apart from accidental injuries
3. Any sort of admission based on intentional self-injury
• committed in the course of some action against the law
• abuse of intoxicants
• indirectly or directly caused by insanity
• will not be entertained
4. Expenses on alternative or experimental medication or treatment

Documents Required
The documents required tend to be easily available, everything that is generally required

● Any form of ID proof, including PAN card or Aadhar card
● Address Proof in the form of electricity or water bills or a passport
● Age Proof
● The first premium
● In some cases, medical reports or a check-up

Claim Process
The claim process is different for cashless treatment, which is available, but the basic procedure is very simple. Oriental Insurance Reviews talk greatly about this policy as well, in this regard.

Simply visit the website, log in with your client number and submit the Oriental Insurance claim form online, then submit a form to the office in hard copy along with all relevant medical documents.

Then wait while your claim is being processed, and the information will be available on 'My intimated claims,' online!

Apollo Munich Optima Restore Features

Apollo Munich Optima Restore plan is described as a comprehensive online health insurance plan that caters elaborate coverage for the whole family. This policy is acquired for spouse or self or dependent parents or dependent children. Under this policy, it includes coverage for all types of hospitalization expenses along with the advantages of restoring the Basic Sum, provided that it is utilized for claim. Along with this the policy covers 100% of Basic Sum Assured which is charged as No Claim Bonus that is payable via the plan.


You should know that this plan can be acquired for a Family Floater or Individual. Under the Family Floater policy, there are 2 adults and maximum of 5 children included tied in a single policy. Otherwise, the insured may choose 3 children and 1 adult. This plan offers you lifelong renewability. If you seek more information you will know that this policy can be upgraded to the next slab of cover on renewal. Besides, maternity expenses are put off from this plan.

What are the Features of the Apollo Munich Optima Plan

  • It should be noted that the policy does not include any claim bonus that increases the insurance coverage by up to 50% for a period of claim free yea. Along with this, 100% for the continuous claim free year. 
  • Apollo Munich Optima Plan includes lifelong renewal to help you stay insured forever. 
  • Under the Apollo Munich Optima Plan, it includes lifelong renewal to help you stay insured forever. 
  • Under this policy, no co-pay or sub-limits charged on hospital room rent is included. 
  • There is no loading on renewal premiums in case a claim is made. 
  • The insured is eligible for cashless treatments across 800 cities and 4000 hospitals. 
  • The insured can get wide coverage for accidents or treatment of illness. 
  • This plan also comes with tax benefits under Section 80D. You may the online website of Apollo Munich Optima Restore to learn about the tax details. 
  • This policy offers the advantage of portability. Suppose you have a coverage under another insurance company’s policy, then you can transfer to Apollo Munich Optima Restore that comes with all accrued benefits post due allowances for the waiting period. 

The Policy has few benefits

  • The first most unique benefit is Restore benefit. Under the Apollo Munich Optima Restore plan, the total Sum Assured is adequately restored and it can be used for an excellent future claim for different kind of illness claim, provided it is made in the same year policy. This means if the initial Sum Assured ends, then the entire amount of the policy is properly restored back in the plan excluding any extra cost. 

For example, suppose you have  a Sum Assured of Rs. 5 lakh, while there is a claim of Rs. 6 lakhs in the initial hospitalization, then the entire sum limit is utilized and a remaining of Rs. 5 lakh is payable. Now, suppose another claim surfaces the same year due to another illness for a different family member, then the total Sum Assured of Rs. 5 lakh is available although the first Sum Assured is utilized. 

  • Under this policy, there is another unique benefit which is the Multiplier benefit. As per this unique benefit is offered for a claim free year. Then, in that case the cover enhances to Rs. 7.5 lakhs in the 2nd year that increases to Rs. 10 lakhs in the third year. This goes on for another continuous claim free year, and the premium is decided for a premium of Rs. 5 lakhs of the first Basic Sum Assured.

Thus, you are now aware of the details of the Apollo Munich Optima Restore policy.

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General Insurance Companies - L&T and Shriram

L&T General Insurance company was founded in 1938 and is owned by Larsen and Toubro Limited. The company has business interests in various realms like manufacturing goods, construction, financial services and information technology. In 2009, the company was listed as “World’s Most Reputable Companies” by the Forbes.

What are the policies offered by L&T?

They include L&T Health Insurance, L&T Car Insurance, L&T Two Wheeler Insurance, L&T Home Insurance, L&T Personal Accident Insurance, L&T Corporate and Commercial Insurance, etc.


The different types of health insurances offered by L&T General Insurance company are my:health Medisure Prime Insurance, my:health Medisure Classic Insurance, my:health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance, my:health Medisure Plus Insurance, etc.

My:asset Private Car Liability Only Policy, my:asset Private Car Package Policy, my:jeevika Commercial and Miscellaneous Vehicles Package Policy are the various L&T Car insures.

As for two wheeler insurance, the company offers this type of policy to help you protect yourself from any kind of liabilities that may crop up because of two-wheeler accident or theft. My:asset Two Wheeler Liability Policy is a good plan that can help protect your owner from any kind of liabilities or damages.

You and your family arew ensured maximum protection in the course of accident or death. The benefits under this policy include compensation for any physical loss within a duration of 12 months of the accident. We are talking about L&T oersonal accident insurance policy that offers the my:health Personal Accident Insurance.

The L&t Home insurance plans include my:asset Insta Home Insurance, my:asset Primary Home Insurance, my:Asset Premium Home Insurance, my:asset Super Home Insurance, etc.

Are you looking for L&T commercial and corporate insurance policies? Then, buy any of these- my:jeevika Personal accident Micro Insurance, Burglary and Housebreaking Insurance, my:jeevika cash@hospital Micro Insurance, Combined public and product liability insurance, Standard file & special perils insurance, Workmen’s compensation insurance, Plate glass insurance, Marine Cargo Insurance, etc.

On the other the names of the L&T SME insurances are my:business Commercial establishment Insurance, my:business Hospitality and Leisure Insurance, my:business Educational Institution Insurance, my:business Retail establishment Insurance, etc.

 Shriram General Insurance

Shriram general insurance company is a notable name in the field of insurance business. It is a joint venture between Shriram Group and Sanlam Limited. The company was awarded “Excellence in Growth Award” simultaneously for the years 2011 and 2012.

Under Shriram General Insurance, private car insurance policy is meant to cover any loss related to your car against any third party liability and for losses created due to man-made events or others like theft, fire, burglary, explosion, strikes, riots, etc.

The two wheeler insurance policy offered by Shriram General Insurance offers comprehensive coverage against vehicle repairing and replacement cost. As per the policy, it meets third party liability falling under Motor Vehicles Act. You can also get enhanced protection by means of nil depreciation.

Under Shriram Householder Umbrella Insurance policy, it is a package policy that is designed to fulfill insurance requirements of the householder. This combines a good number of insurance covers as taken by householders under this policy. Customers may choose from any of the four plans insured according to the requirement of the value of the property.

Shriram General Insurance company also offers Personal Accident Insurance that ensures absolutely safety and peace of mind against the death of the sole breadwinner in your family. The insured should be aged between 5 and 70 years.

This company offers other types of insurances which include Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy, Fire Loss of Profit policy and so on. Thus, these are the two most important companies, L&T General Insurance and Shriram General Insurance that offer you a range of policies to choose from.

Star Health: The Best Company With The Best Health Insurance Policies

In spite of being a newcomer in the field of insurance, Star Health Insurance has already established its worth as one of the most trusted insurance provider of the country. The company is a joint venture between Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd. The company started its journey in the year 2006 with business interests in health insurance, personal accident insurance and overseas medical plans. 


Why To Choose Star Health Insurance?

Star Health Insurance is the company that deals exclusively with health and accident insurance plans. The company engages all their resources to pay undivided attention to these health insurance plans for more effective and comprehensive solution. With excellent customer care service and exclusively designed plans, the company offers nothing but the best to the customers.  At Star Health, you can select from a wide range of Star Health Insurance Plans according to your need, convenience and affordability. There is something for everyone here.

What Are The Health Insurance Plans From Star Health?

Star Health understands you and your life better. As health is wealth of life, the company is determined to keep it safe and sound for you. With the following health plans, it ensures that your healthcare never gets compromised. Now take an overview of these plans. 

  1. Family Health Optima: This is a family floater health plan that comes with extended medical coverage for your growing family. This single policy is enough to cover the whole family at an affordable premium rate. Get up to 30% extra of sum assured (auto recharge) without any cost. Automatic restoration offers entire sum insured by 100%. The plan covers expenses related to in-patient hospitalization, surgeon, anaesthetist, consultant, special fees, blood, oxygen, pacemaker and operation theatre. In this plan, there is a scope to claim Donor Expenses at time of organ transplantation. 
  1. Senior Citizen Red Carpet: This plan has specially been designed for seniors over 60 years of age. Anyone aged between 60 – 75 years can opt for the plan. There is no requirement of pre-insurance medical test. It also covers pre-existing diseases from 2nd year. It gives the benefit of higher sum insured coverage of maximum Rs. 10 Lakhs. It comes with guaranteed lifetime renewal facility. 
  1. Star Comprehensive Insurance Plan: It is a complete healthcare protection plan for your family on floater basis. Minimum and maximum entry age for the plan is respectively 18 years and 65 years. Dependent children are covered from 3 months and up to 25 years. There is no upper age limit for continuous renewals. Apart from general healthcare expenses, this policy gives up to 10% of sum insured as Air Ambulance Benefit on sum insured of Rs 7.5 Lakhs and above. Out-patient consultation charges are reimbursable as per the limits mentioned in plan documents. 
  1. Medi-Classic Insurance Policy: This individual health insurance policy comes with a combination of family package, health benefits and bonus facility. Any person aged between 5 months to 65 years of age, can take the policy. With this health plan, you can cover your children. The policy comes with a unique feature which is an HIV+ patient can also opt for the plan provided CD4 count at the time of plan purchase is more than 350. 


Undoubtedly, Star Health Insurance presents customers with some of the unique yet simplified health policies to offer complete healthcare assurance. Particularly its Family Health Floater Plan is suitable for family persons with many financial obligations. Without making a hole in your pocket, now you can avail best of class medical assistance with Star Health.