General Insurance

General Insurance, also known as non-life insurance, comprises of a gamut of insurances that provide specific covers to the insured against specific forms of eventualities. Getting and comparing online quotes saves you time, efforts and money. Different i

New India Assurance: A General Insurance Company.

New India Assurance Insurance Company offers a variety of policy. For example, health insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance policy and home insurance. These policies are well-known for its multiple coverage and affordable premium amount. It includes some best benefits and coverage that make it best in the insurance market.

You can check the details of the plan online and compare different policy. This will help you to find the perfect insurance policy within a matter of few minutes.


New India Assurance insurance offers many types of policy, for example, Mediclaim policy, corporate policy, Travel policy and Motor Insurance Policy, Fire & Machinery Policy. Let us see in details the types of general insurance provided by New India Assurance

Types of General Insurance under New India Assurance

New India Assurance Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policy by New India Assurance provides protection against unfortunate events that adds expenses to your pocket while you are travelling. Some common unexpected events that can disturb you or ruin your trip are trip cancellation/delay, loss of baggage/ important documents or medical emergency. These unforeseen situations incur extra expenses for example accommodation charges due to trip cancellation, delay or medical illness. The travel insurance policy helps you in case you lost your passport or any other important documents outside the country. It assists you find the lost belongings and complete all the legal formalities.

New India Assurance Health Insurance

New India Assurance health insurance plan provides financial assistance when the policyholder meets any medical emergency. It bears the costs of overseas medical care. The policy also covers other expenses like ambulance charges, medication expenses, and pre and post hospitalization charges. The insurance company provides a comprehensive health plan that provides multiple benefits and coverage under the comprehensive policy, for example, tax benefits, room rent and domiciliary expenses.

New India Assurance Motor Insurance

Motor insurance by New India Assurance provides two types of insurance plans car insurance and bike insurance policy. There are different comprehensive insurance policies available in the market. This plan is very beneficial for policyholder as it provides multiple benefits and protects them against all the expenses incurred due to damage or loss to the policyholder and its property. Along with this it also bears the expenses incurred due to third party liability and damage to the own vehicle or property. It pays off the cost of damage or loss incurred due to the accident, theft, natural calamities like cyclone, flood or earthquake.

New India Assurance Home Insurance

New India Assurance home insurance provides protection to your beautiful home against any type of damage, loss or theft. There are number unexpected events that may incur heavy damage or loss, for example, any natural or man-made activity. It covers the costs incurred due to flood, lightning, earthquake, cyclone and flood and man-made calamities such as terrorist attack, strikes, fire, and riots.

New India Assurance is known as General Insurance Company

New India Assurance is well known for its general insurance policy that provides a wide range of insurance products. These policies are very beneficial for policyholders as it offers different types of protection against specific unfortunate events. It helps the policyholder financially when he meets any emergency that incurs extra heavy expenses like a medical emergency, burglary at home or any other unforeseen situation.

Some special benefits of New India Assurance are as follows:

Online Facility

The policy offers an online facility that provides multiple benefits. Customers can easily compare between different policies and buy the best one from the variety. Online procedure is very easy and quick. Now a day’s insurance company also allows the policyholders to file a claim online. The procedure is very simple and easy that takes very few minutes to complete the procedure.

Better Coverage

New India Assurance is also known for its best general insurance coverage. The brand serves some best options to their customers that fulfil the need and provides extra benefits. You can compare the benefits and coverage of different insurance plans online within a matter of a few minutes.


General insurance plans by New India Insurance are very affordable. These plans provide comprehensive coverage for very low premium rates. It also allows the policyholder to pay the premium online. You can also renew the existing policy online.