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Apollo Munich Optima Restore Features

Apollo Munich Optima Restore plan is described as a comprehensive online health insurance plan that caters elaborate coverage for the whole family. This policy is acquired for spouse or self or dependent parents or dependent children. Under this policy, it includes coverage for all types of hospitalization expenses along with the advantages of restoring the Basic Sum, provided that it is utilized for claim. Along with this the policy covers 100% of Basic Sum Assured which is charged as No Claim Bonus that is payable via the plan.


You should know that this plan can be acquired for a Family Floater or Individual. Under the Family Floater policy, there are 2 adults and maximum of 5 children included tied in a single policy. Otherwise, the insured may choose 3 children and 1 adult. This plan offers you lifelong renewability. If you seek more information you will know that this policy can be upgraded to the next slab of cover on renewal. Besides, maternity expenses are put off from this plan.

What are the Features of the Apollo Munich Optima Plan

  • It should be noted that the policy does not include any claim bonus that increases the insurance coverage by up to 50% for a period of claim free yea. Along with this, 100% for the continuous claim free year. 
  • Apollo Munich Optima Plan includes lifelong renewal to help you stay insured forever. 
  • Under the Apollo Munich Optima Plan, it includes lifelong renewal to help you stay insured forever. 
  • Under this policy, no co-pay or sub-limits charged on hospital room rent is included. 
  • There is no loading on renewal premiums in case a claim is made. 
  • The insured is eligible for cashless treatments across 800 cities and 4000 hospitals. 
  • The insured can get wide coverage for accidents or treatment of illness. 
  • This plan also comes with tax benefits under Section 80D. You may the online website of Apollo Munich Optima Restore to learn about the tax details. 
  • This policy offers the advantage of portability. Suppose you have a coverage under another insurance company’s policy, then you can transfer to Apollo Munich Optima Restore that comes with all accrued benefits post due allowances for the waiting period. 

The Policy has few benefits

  • The first most unique benefit is Restore benefit. Under the Apollo Munich Optima Restore plan, the total Sum Assured is adequately restored and it can be used for an excellent future claim for different kind of illness claim, provided it is made in the same year policy. This means if the initial Sum Assured ends, then the entire amount of the policy is properly restored back in the plan excluding any extra cost. 

For example, suppose you have  a Sum Assured of Rs. 5 lakh, while there is a claim of Rs. 6 lakhs in the initial hospitalization, then the entire sum limit is utilized and a remaining of Rs. 5 lakh is payable. Now, suppose another claim surfaces the same year due to another illness for a different family member, then the total Sum Assured of Rs. 5 lakh is available although the first Sum Assured is utilized. 

  • Under this policy, there is another unique benefit which is the Multiplier benefit. As per this unique benefit is offered for a claim free year. Then, in that case the cover enhances to Rs. 7.5 lakhs in the 2nd year that increases to Rs. 10 lakhs in the third year. This goes on for another continuous claim free year, and the premium is decided for a premium of Rs. 5 lakhs of the first Basic Sum Assured.

Thus, you are now aware of the details of the Apollo Munich Optima Restore policy.

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