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General Insurance, also known as non-life insurance, comprises of a gamut of insurances that provide specific covers to the insured against specific forms of eventualities. Getting and comparing online quotes saves you time, efforts and money. Different i

Buy Cheap Motor Insurance Online by Comparing

What is a motor Insurance policy?

A specific motor insurance policy is termed to be mandatory which is brought into the picture by an insurance company as an integral part of the anticipation of the public liability to shield the public from the risks of accidents that might happen on an unexpected note on the proceedings of a journey. As per the law, it is stated that every individual who owns a motor vehicle should have or possess at least one active motor insurance policy.


Motor insurance is an insurance that is purchased for the possessions of cars, trucks or some other vehicles that are run on the road. The prime focus or the objective of the same is the provision of protection against any kind of physical damage which could result from the facet of any kind of traffic collisions. In India, Motor insurance covers for all the specific loss that is caused to the automobile or its integral parts due to either natural or artificial calamities. It provisions the individual with the accident cover while driving and also for the situated passengers in the vehicle inclusive of the third party legal liability.

What are the aspects that are covered in motor insurance?

  • Motor Insurance covers the following as enlisted below: -
  • In case, the causative agent of the accident was any external means then the same will be covered.
  • Man made or artificial calamities which are inclusive of Explosion, Bulgary, riots, thefts and strikes, terrorism, malicious acts, etc.
  • Some of the natural calamities which are inclusive of earthquakes, floods, typhoons, fire, hurricanes, storms, lightning, cyclones, etc.
  • While in case of transit by the elements of rail/road, air or waterways.
  • In case of death, insurance cover for the owner driver.
  • Third party lawful liability

Now, with the revolution brought about the advancement of technology, one can opt for motor insurance online, take a pick of the best suitable plan, find the perfect deal and save both time and money instantly. Doesn’t it sound amazing? All you need to do is compare the several plans on the digital platform and then take a pick accordingly.

Why it is essential to bring a comparison of motor insurance policies?

It is very important to compare the various alternatives of the motor insurance policies available as by doing the same, you will save a considerable amount of money and also provision you with the liberty to get a better matched coverage option that tailors to meet your viable needs and stays up at par with the level of your expectations. When you start comparing quotes, you will have a look at the various options and get a chance to save up to 55% of the premium costs and the contributing factor are the benefits on the specific plan that you will receive in the policy. So at the digital platform, one gets the liberty to buy cheap motor insurance online by comparing the quotes in a prudent way.

Benefits of ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance

  • ICICI as the largest commercial private bank is indeed bringing laurels to the nation by inventing new polices that suit best the interests and needs of the individuals. ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance has the potential to secure and shield the vehicle against all the unexpected uncertainties that lie ahead in the journey of life.
  • Along with the aspect of Road side assistance cover, one can avail the assistance when needed with an anywhere and anytime access. In case the car is in the garage, then the policy covers the garage cash cover also.
  • Coverage on the specific replaced parts is accessible with the component of zero deduction for depreciation
  • Accidental cover facility is also incorporated in the policy for the co passengers for an amount of upto Rs 2 Lacs.

ICICI Lombard does understand and very well knows that a car is one of the most worthy 6 possessions of an individual and is close to an individual’s heart thus it needs to be shielded in case of any unexpected risks or uncertainties of the future.