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Economic Health Plans From Royal Sundaram

In today’s day and age with changing lifestyles and new ailments getting discovered so frequently, getting a health insurance is becoming a necessity for you and your family’s health. 



Though Royal Sundaram has a buffet of general insurance policies on offer, its health insurance policies win hands down in both benefits and being cost effective. 

The Lifeline health insurance plan is tabulated below:

(all figures are in IN₹)




Sum Assured

Minimum 2L; Maximum 4L

Minimum 5L; Maximum 50L

Minimum 25L; Maximum 1.5Cr

Entry Age

Minimum 91 days;

Maximum - 21 years for dependent children, otherwise - no limit.

Minimum 91 days;

Maximum - 21 years for dependent children, otherwise - no limit.

Minimum 91 days;

Maximum - 21 years for dependent children, otherwise - no limit.

Policy Term

1 - 3 years

1 - 3 years

1 - 3 years

No Claim Bonus

Minimum 10% of Sum Insured;

Maximum 50%

Minimum 20% of Sum Insured; Maximum 100%

Minimum 20% of Sum Insured; Maximum 100%


 Why to Buy Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance Plans

It is a holistic indemnity plan that covers the need for a health insurance for the entire family. 

Features and Benefits

Sum insured can be 100% reloaded at no extra cost. 

There is no cap on room rent neither is there a limit because of specific diseases. 

Your sum assured can be doubled in 5 years conditioned to the fact that you remain claim free the entire time with No Claim Bonus. 

Animal bite vaccinations and Ayush treatments are covered as well. 

The maximum coverage offered to Lifeline health plan holders is ₹1.5Cr. All the day care procedures are covered by the health plan by Royal Sundaram. Several more benefits are added under Preventive Healthcare and Wellness. 

There is Zonal pricing on premiums. Besides the sum assured and age that decides the amount of premium paid, it also depends on the region of residence. Except for people living in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Gujarat, and Hyderabad, there is a discount of 15% on premium payments.

Cashless hospitalization facility with more than 3000 partner hospitals. 


A person above 18 years can be the proposer of the Royal Sundaram health policy. 

Dependent kids between the ages of 91 days till 25 years are covered. 

There is no maximum age limit on entry, and a maximum of 6 family members can be part of the policy. 


  • Inpatient care, pre and post hospitalization expenses, all day care procedures, ambulance cover, and organ donor expenses are included in the health insurance cover by Royal Sundaram.
  • Domiciliary and worldwide emergency hospitalization, an international treatment facility for 11 critical illnesses.
  • Maternity benefits cover maximum two deliveries and vaccinations for the new baby for the 1st year.
  • OPD, the second opinion in the cases of 11 critical cases, and health check-ups.
  • Hospital cash allowance for maximum 30 days conditioned on the fact that the hospitalization is for more than two
  • Ambulance charges capped at ₹3,000. 


Pre-existing medical conditions are not included until four years of uninterrupted and no claim continuation of the Royal Sundaram health policy. 

In case the insured falls sick with 30 days of the start of the Royal Sundaram Lifeline health plan. 

Royal Sundaram health insurance does not cover several medical conditions only for the first two years of the policy and quite a few that are not at all entertained. 

Documents Required

ID proof, address proof, age proof, and medical or treatment details of the family members, and pan card details are needed for the Royal Sundaram health insurance cover. 

Claims Process

A second opinion and international treatment for the 11 critical illnesses, emergency domestic evacuation, and worldwide emergency hospitalization is handled by the Royal Sundaram service partner Europ Assistance India Pvt Ltd. 

For claim intimation, contact Royal Sundaram through email or toll-free number 48 hours before a planned hospitalization, and within 24 hours of an emergency hospitalization. 

Please provide the following details:

  • Patient’s name
  • Diagnosis
  • Details of the hospital and the attending doctor
  • Date of hospitalization and expected discharge. 

On careful analysis of the Royal Sundaram health insurance reviews, we find Royal Sundaram Health Insurance to be high on benefits and low on costs. 

The health policy includes several unique covers like vaccinations for animal bites, worldwide hospitalization, and much such more. 

The premiums are low and calculated after taking several factors into consideration.