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General Insurance, also known as non-life insurance, comprises of a gamut of insurances that provide specific covers to the insured against specific forms of eventualities. Getting and comparing online quotes saves you time, efforts and money. Different i

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Company - Policy Reviews, Premium

So today we are going to have a conversation on General Insurance and one of the best companies you can blindly trust.

Sounds good, first tell me what exactly do you mean by General Insurance? 

For those of you who may not know the meaning of General Insurance, no worries. Let’s understand it here, clearly and easily.

Simply put, General Insurance refers to any insurance which is not a typical “Life insurance”. So they help cover individuals in case of damage to anything other than their life. For example, you will surely insure your beautiful new car or house. Or you may want to safeguard yourself and your family from any unexpected situation or emergency when travelling abroad. These are various types of General Insurance.


OK, clear. Now tell me which is a good General Insurance company!

Well, we are sure you know that you will be spoiled for choice. There are many players currently in the General Insurance sector. While we are confident you will find one which works out well for you, we will help you choose. So in this article, we will look at Iffco Tokio General Insurance plans. You just might find the best one for your needs!

Oh really? So why do you recommend Iffco Tokio?

We recommend Iffco Tokio General Insurance Company because it is one of the very top players in India. It is considered to be a very fine institution to place your trust in. IFFCO is Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited. It is famous for being the largest fertiliser cooperative in the world. It joined hands with Nichido Fire Group and Tokio Marine to become Iffco Tokio Limited. These companies are very highly regarded in Japan as trustworthy insurers.

That’s interesting. So now I want to know more.

We knew you would say that. Let’s take a look now at what Iffco Tokio can offer you.


Individual Health Protector

Individual Medishield

Swasthya Kavach

Critical Illness

Family Health Protector

Personal Accidental Insurance

Critical Illness cover

Health Protector Plus


Two wheeler plan

Car insurance


Home Suvidha

Home Family Protector

                 TRAVEL INSURANCE


Wow, that’s a lot of policies. Can you elaborate them?

Of course, we will. We will look at the main features of each. 


There is a reason why we mentioned health insurance at the top of the list. There is no substitute for good health. But at some time or the other, we all may need to undergo medical treatment. Health Insurance plans take the financial burden off us so that we can focus completely on our health or that of our loved ones.

The Family Health Protector policy covers both you and your family against most medical expenses. The best part is it extends to a large range of relatives and not just your very immediate family. In most cases, you may not even need to shell out a single penny thanks to their cashless hospital network.

As the name suggests, the Individual Health Protector is similar to the above and covers an Individual’s healthcare expenses.

Individual Medishield takes care of you or your family members in the case of a sudden accident or medical emergency. This policy will take care of nurse/doctor fees, surgery costs, tests, blood, anaesthesia, prosthetics, etc. They will also settle pre- and post-hospital stay expenses for 2 months on either side.

Health policies sometimes exclude severe illnesses. Now, this is a double whammy as severe illnesses have “severe” costs too! The Critical Illness policy alleviates suffering from such diseases by covering them at nominal premiums. Strokes, transplants of prominent organs, kidney failure and high spectrum heart issues can now be insured against.

The Personal Accidental Insurance covers you and your family in case of untimely death or any type of disability/paralysis. It even covers education of the Insured’s children to ensure their future is secured. You just need to be employed in a safe job where the risk to life and limb is low and not expected. 


Be it a car or a two-wheeler; it is essential to own a vehicle to get around conveniently. But the sad truth is that India’s roads still have a long way to go to become safe for all motorists. Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Car Insurance and Two-Wheeler insurance have you covered.

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These policies cover:

Any sort of damage or loss due to natural calamities like storms, floods, earthquakes and other acts of Mother Nature.

Human-created situations like theft, accidents or deliberate destruction of the vehicle or two-wheeler.

Personal cover in case of an accident. They cover up to Rs. 1 lakh for two-wheelers and up to Rs. 2 lakh for car owners.

Any legal liability where damage is caused to a third party individual or property.

Important benefits of these policies include:

Incentives for zero settlements, sometimes going as high as 50% discount.

Trouble-free zero cash claim settlements via their network of service centres.


The Home Suvidha Policy and Home Family Protector Policy help assuage the risks associated with any loss or damages to your home. They cover various situations like burglary, fires, mob and riot damage, floods, earthquakes, etc. You can also insure valuable assets and items like expensive electronics, precious jewellery and appliances.


We all travel at some point for business or pleasure. Travel Insurance is an absolute must so that no unforeseen problem mars our trips. Iffco Tokio offers extensive coverage, and they have all bases covered with their Travel Insurance plan. Depending on the premium you pay, you will be covered in the following circumstances around the world:

  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Funeral or transport of body remains costs
  • Missing checked luggage
  • Misplaced passport
  • Personal Accident or Liability


Every single policy boasts of a robust and easy process when it comes to settling a claim. For example, the Iffco Tokio car insurance claim form is available in a very prominent place on their website.

So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring today if you have not already insured yourself!