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The Family Floater Policy that Will More than Keep Your Family Afloat From Oriental Insurance

Oriental covers you on every ground. A comprehensive set of health insurance and life insurance plans are designed for the full family, or even for whole groups like companies.

An Overview
A look at the Family Floater plan will show you exactly how well Oriental Insurance understands your needs. They have three plans in place, silver, gold and diamond.





Entry Age

3 months

65, up to 70 years in some cases


Rs.1,320 to Rs.10,400 for silver plan; Each family member: Rs.240 to Rs.7,970; Add-On Cover available: Personal Accident: Rs.60 to Rs.300.


Sum Assured

₹1 lakh for silver plan, ₹6 lakh for gold plan

₹5 lakh for silver plan, ₹10 lakh for gold plan

Policy Term



Renewable till Age




Why Should I Buy The Oriental Family Floater Health Insurance Plan

The great thing about the gamily floater health insurance plan is, that just like Oriental Insurance's other plans like the Oriental Mediclaim Policy or the Oriental Car Insurance policy it is designed with a complete knowledge of the client base.
Despite the small list of exclusions, you are guaranteed safety for a long, long time.


Features and Benefits

The main features of the plan are:
• The proposer's family is covered up to 7 family members with a maximum of 4 adults.
• 10% discount in premium for every family member
• Each person gets coverage for medical expenses beginning 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days after hospitalization for medical expenses that are relevant.
• Every block of 4 claim free continuous years gets you a free health check up courtesy of Oriental Insurance!

• The entry age is from 5 years to 60 years and up to 70 years for some exceptional cases.
• However, children from 3 months onwards will be covered if one or both parents are covered under the plan.
• A pre-insurance medical checkup is required for persons above 60 years. 55 years for the gold plan

The silver plan and gold plan have many features in common, but the gold plan can give you additional assurances and fewer worries.
Common features:
• Covered are ICU charges up to 2% of the sum assured per day of hospitalization.
• Room charges are covered, along with nurses' expenses up to 1% of the sum assured per day of hospitalization.
• There are numerous extras that will be covered including blood, oxygen, anesthesia, doctors' charges, pacemakers, and dialysis and so much more including prosthetic limbs, up to sum assured.
• For treatment after exposure to rabid animal bites, coverage can be up to Rs.5,000 for immunization.
• Domiciliary Treatment: 10% of sum assured with an overall limit of Rs.25,000. For the gold plan, the limit is raised to twice the amount, up to Rs. 50,000
• Coverage of all pre-existing diseases is subject to a four year waiting period.
• Ambulance cost of Rs.1,000 for each illness for the silver plan, with a general cap of Rs.3,000 or 1% of sum guaranteed, whichever is lesser.
• For the gold plan: ambulance cost of Rs.2,000 per illness with a general limit of Rs. 6,000 or 1% of sum guaranteed, whichever is lesser.
• The gold plan also offers the extra assurance of an Attendant Allowance for hospitalization of children of three years to ten years to a maximum ten days: Coverage is Rs.500 for every day of the hospital stay, for each illness (general limit of fifteen days).
• Add-on Cover on paying an additional premium: Personal Accident cover for a sum assured up to Rs.5 lakhs or Rs. 10 lakhs for the gold plan, which can include dependents if needed. The gold plan also offers Life Hardship cover for survival benefits.

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While the exclusions can look daunting, they are very standard:
1. Coverage of pre-existing diseases will require a waiting period of 4 years with continuous renewal of policy
2. Initial waiting period of 30 days. During this period no claims will be admitted apart from accidental injuries
3. Any sort of admission based on intentional self-injury
• committed in the course of some action against the law
• abuse of intoxicants
• indirectly or directly caused by insanity
• will not be entertained
4. Expenses on alternative or experimental medication or treatment

Documents Required
The documents required tend to be easily available, everything that is generally required

● Any form of ID proof, including PAN card or Aadhar card
● Address Proof in the form of electricity or water bills or a passport
● Age Proof
● The first premium
● In some cases, medical reports or a check-up

Claim Process
The claim process is different for cashless treatment, which is available, but the basic procedure is very simple. Oriental Insurance Reviews talk greatly about this policy as well, in this regard.

Simply visit the website, log in with your client number and submit the Oriental Insurance claim form online, then submit a form to the office in hard copy along with all relevant medical documents.

Then wait while your claim is being processed, and the information will be available on 'My intimated claims,' online!