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General Insurance, also known as non-life insurance, comprises of a gamut of insurances that provide specific covers to the insured against specific forms of eventualities. Getting and comparing online quotes saves you time, efforts and money. Different i

The L&T Insurance Review Giving You A Complete List Of All Its Features And Benefits

This is a L&T Insurance review that will give you even the smallest of detail that you should be knowing about the general policy for your better understanding.

By reading various articles online about a particular policy, you might get confused. Thus we have put down this L&T General Insurance Review where you would get a clear and precise idea of what to expect from this policy.

The L&T general health insurance is different from the other general insurances that can be found in the market. It includes cover of aspects which are not covered by other policies and that is what makes this particular policy a lot more special.


But before giving you a more in depth explanation of the policy, we are putting before you a little overview that should help you get a basic Idea about the policy as a whole.






18 years

65 years


Depends on the plan that is taken



Depends on the plan that has been taken



1 year

1 years (renewable)


Why to buy L&T General insurance policy?

In today's time, where diseases are spreading everywhere and everyday there is a new disease coming up that spread across like wildfire. In such a situation where all of us are living such hectic lives and rarely pay attention to our health, buying a health insurance is a must for all of us. Talking about the L&T General insurance, it is one of the best policy in the market with regards to the covers that it provides to its buyers at very minimal prices which is really appreciable.

Features and benefits

Here are a few reasons why L&T General insurance should be your go to option when looking for a health insurance,

  • It covers not just you, but if you opt for the option, you can actually insure your entire family under your policy.
  • It starts to co-pay the individual once the individual crosses the age of 80 which is big plus.
  • It allows you to get your pre existing disease covered after a prescribed period of time.
  • It is renewable for a lifetime and can also be renewed online which is something that comes in handy for people who are extremely busy.


The eligibility criteria is rather basic

  • the person must be an adult and in case of minors, one of the parents must be a policy holder
  • The person must be fit until the time prescribed by the company and in case of existing disease, the surveillance time must be taken.
  • You must be able to show a particular amounts availability in your bank to give the bank an insurance.


  • The policy includes expenses incurred even before hospitalization for up to 30 days.
  • It provides free checkups to the policy holder after 4 years of not making any claim.
  • The also include post hospitalization cost of up till 60 days which is something really noteworthy.


  • the company does not cover any expenses caused through any HIV related disease or through AIDS.
  • It does not cover any expense that is made my the individual in need of any cosmetic enhancement it comfort related changes.

Claim process

The claim process is very hassle free. The L&T Insurance review online says that most people have had a great experience with this policy and have more or less been extremely satisfied. The customer support of the company has also be highlighted by the customers of the company.

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Documents required

Few of the documents that you may required while buying the policy include,

  • Identity proof like drivers license or aadhar card.
  • An age proof which could be anything like your birth certificate or passport.
  • An address proof which may include your ration card.
  • A medical certificate in case the official may require it. 

This L&T Insurance review has given all the details that you need to know about the policy. However, the policymakers also have an online portal for their customers which you can check out.